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Travel Clinic

No matter where you travel, it’s important to be informed about travel health and be protected from infectious travel diseases.

Non-Insured Services

You may require some services that are not insured by OHIP – these are considered Non-Insured Services.


Did you have a question regarding our clinic or your care? You may be able to find the answer here in our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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Urgent appointments available by phone.

Taking care of your health

Preventative Care

It is our belief that prevention is the cornerstone to optimal health.

At Protea Medical, we strive to ensure that our patients receive timely evidence-based screening and vaccinations for preventable illnesses and diseases.

Comprehensive Care

At Protea Medical, we aim to provide continuing care to all our patients, from newborn to elderly. We will work with you to ensure your health is optimized and collaborate with your specialist doctors to provide the best care possible.

Integrative Medicine

A healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between physician and patient, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies.

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