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Travel Clinic

Image by Timo Stern

Travel wise, travel healthy

No matter where you travel, it’s important to be informed about travel health and be protected from infectious travel diseases.


Protea Medical offers individualized consultations and services to provide pre-travel advice that will help you to plan a healthy and enjoyable trip. We will advise you on any health concerns with your chosen destination or what travel vaccines and prescriptions are recommended for your trip. Your health history is reviewed to help determine if a prescription for medication might be needed to prevent for example malaria, travellers diarrhea or altitude illness.

Health, age and past immunizations are also important factors we consider in the consultation. We will help you to prioritize which vaccines are most important for your travel destination. 

Before you reach for your passport, book an appointment today, and be immunized before you travel.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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