Non-Insured Services

(Not Covered by OHIP)

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Other Services

-Preparation/Transfer of records                               $50+

to another physician

-Travel Prescription phoned in                                     $20

-Faxing Documents (not prescriptions                      $5

and at patients request)                                        +$0.50 per page

Note: TB testing for work is only available through the Barrie Family Health Team after hours clinics.​

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for medically necessary services provided to patients seen in the office. You may require some services that are not insured by OHIP – these are considered Non-Insured Services.

Services Not covered by OHIP

-Basic Travel Visit                                                                  $50/person

Initial visit includes assessment & prescription             $70/two


-Travel Immunizations - Injection Only                         $20 per injection

(if vaccine not purchased at clinic)

-Driver's Medical Physical Exam                                      $140

(includes forms)

-Employment, School, or Camp                                       $50

Physical Exam (basic)

-Forms                                                                                       $30

-School, Work, Daycare, or Volunteer Work note      $20

-Chiropractor, Physiotherapy, Massage, or                   $20 per person

Orthotics notes (Flat fee for one or all, for 

insurance purposes)

-Pre-Employment, Fitness Clubs Certificate               $40

of Fitness

-"Free from Communicable Diseases" Form                $20

-Immunizations forms for school                                     $60

(lab work as required)

-Wart Treatment                                                                    $25 one wart

(Non-OHIP covered = non-genital,                                   $10 each addition

non-plantar i.e. hands)

-Minor Non-OHIP Procedures/Treatments                  $50+ per visit

(Cryotherapy, cautery, excisions)

-Specific Forms: 

-Ontario Auto Insurance Report (MVA No Fault)            $80

-Federal Disability Tax Credit Form                                  $80+

-Simple Private Disability Insurance Forms                    $35-$50

-Travel Cancellation                                                            $41

-Attending Physician's Statement                                    $100-$150

-Private Functional Abilities Form (FAF)                         $45

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