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Non-Insured Services

(Not Covered by OHIP)

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for medically necessary services provided to patients seen in the office. You may require some services that are not insured by OHIP – these are considered Non-Insured Services.

Travel & Immunizations

-Basic Travel Visit                                                                  $50/person

Initial visit includes assessment & prescription             $70/two


-Travel Immunizations - Injection Only                         $20 per injection

(if vaccine not purchased at clinic)

-Immunizations forms for school                                     $60

(For post secondary. Lab work as required)

-Driver's Medical Physical Exam                                      $200

(includes forms)

-Employment, School, or Camp                                       $95

Physical Exam (basic)

-Pre-Employment, Fitness Clubs Certificate               $45

of Fitness

-Wart Treatment                                                                    $30 one wart

(Non-OHIP covered = non-genital,                                   $10 each addition

non-plantar i.e. hands)

-Minor Non-OHIP Procedures/Treatments                  $180-$200+ per visit


(Cryotherapy, cautery, excisions)



Other Services

-Preparation/Transfer of records                                    $50+

to another physician

-Travel Prescription phoned in                                          $20

-No show fee                                                                           $50

Sick Notes

-Simple One Line                  ​                                           $35

-Medical Letter (one paragraph/brief)                      $50


-EI Sickness Benefits INS5140                                     $45


-Simple Forms                                                                $30 1st page

One line responses/tick boxes                                +$15 per page

-Complicated Forms                                                     $40 1st page

Requiring descriptive content                                  +$20 per page

ie. symptoms/findings/prognosis/treatment etc.

-Private FAF Form                                                          $45

ie. Restrictions & limitations                                     +$10-$20/pg

-General Letter (time spent)                                    $50-$150/pg

-Drivers CPX Form/Intermed assess/UA            $200                       

Notes & Forms

-Chiropractor, Physiotherapy, Massage, or        $30 per person

Orthotics notes (Flat fee for one or all, for 

insurance purposes)

-"Free from Communicable Diseases" Form                $30

   if requires chart review                                                  +$20

-Specific Forms: 

-Ontario Auto Insurance Report (MVA No Fault)            $80

-Federal Disability Tax Credit Form                                  $80

-Simple Private Disability Insurance Forms                    $35-$50

-Travel Cancellation                                                            $44

-CPP Disability                                                                       $85+ (OHIP)

Additional non-insured fees may apply depending   +$

on physician time and/or complexity of case.

-Disability Tax Credit

Depending on complexity of case.                                 $150+

-Attending Physician's Statement                               

Simple                                                                                      $120

Complicated                                                                           $160+

Note: TB testing for work is only available through the Barrie Family Health Team after hours clinics.​

Payments accepted by e-transfer

This email is for payment only and not to be used for correspondence with the medical centre.

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